The World Economy and International Business Development: Current Trends and Contradictions

September 29 2 p.m.-5 p.m.

The expansion of information technology and digital economy, structural changes in the economic system, global economic imbalance are transforming the environment of international business. As the worldwide environment grows more uncertain and unstable, the problem of business adaptation and development of fundamentally new business strategies becomes more relevant. Conference participants present the results of their own research, share with the audience their cases and discuss the following issues:

  • What challenges for business are caused by structural changes of the world economy and by its crisis states?

  • What challenges and opportunities for business arise as a result of the regional integration reformatting?

  • What shifts in the international financial system occur as a result of a new economy?

  • What transformation do business models and strategies of companies undergo in response to the challenges of the new economy?

  • What was marketing’s evolution as a tool for addressing international business development issues?

  • What professional skills and competencies should the university develop in the process of training economists?