Teaching English in higher education: post-pandemic challenges and responses

September 30 2pm-5pm

Remote learning in times of Covid-19 pandemic has proved a daring challenge for educators and learners around the world and in Ukraine. According to UNESCO, more than 1.5 billion pupils and students (almost 91% of the world’s enrolled) population have been forced to stay at home in almost 200 countries. Ukrainian higher education institutions have previously practiced remote learning, but for many teachers and students, the organisation of comprehensive remote learning environment has been a real challenge. Given the lack of previous experience in large-scale transition to remote learning, scholars from across the world have engaged in attempts to understand, study, analyse and select technologies, methods and tools of remote education in general, and remote learning of foreign languages in particular. In conference sessions, we will explore the answers to the following questions:

  • How has the globalisation of education and international standardisation affected the requirements for foreign language proficiency?

  • What are the post-pandemic challenges and opportunities in the educational community?

  • What is the competency framework of the new online ESP and EAP curricula?

  • How can project-based learning promote collaboration in academic environment?

  • What is the pedagogical potential of new ICT?

  • How can we adapt new digital trends to the teaching of foreign languages for specific and academic purposes?