Diia.Business: opportunities in the age of digital changes

September 29, 2021 2 p.m.-5 p.m.

Digital business and the introduction of digital technologies as a vector suggests the path of future economic development. Competition is increasing, change is speeding up, and opportunities are becoming more plentiful. When comparing the past to the present, the differences become apparent. As a result, the development of digital infrastructure, digital skills, the information and communication technology sector, and the digitization of spheres of life and sectors of the economy should be among the primary strategic directions of digital economy development.

The speakers will share their views on the following:

  • what is the digital economy, namely the impact of ICT on human capital and future competencies;

  • digital business opportunities as a modern development trend – new infrastructure and methods of interaction;

  • introduction of information technologies as an integral part of the development of social, economic, scientific and technical, legal and other activities in areas of national importance;

  • information security and data protection in government and business information and telecommunication systems.

Taras Holub

Adviser to Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine

Dong Aibo

Public Relations Dept Director LLC «HUAWEI UKRAINE»

Alina Sevastiuk

Public Relations Manager LLC «HUAWEI UKRAINE»

Oleksii Kharkovyna

Cyber Security Manager in Affiliated Company «Naftogazbezpeka» of National Joint Stock Company «Naftogaz of Ukraine»

Andrii Remizov

Deputy Director for Entrepreneurship Development of the State Institution «Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office»